Learn how to Professionally Develop AI apps in Computer Vision

From Training to Inference, Step-by-Step.

Ultimate AI-CV Practitioners Pro is the complete course for anyone who wants to learn how to professionally develop AI apps. From this course you will be able to build apps using Object Detection, Object Segmentation, Pose Estimate and deploy your apps to Android devices.

Course Information

Here is a break down of the course structure, check out how you will benefit from this training:

So as you can see from the features mentioned above, that you can save a tremendous amount of time. In this course, we accelerate your AI expertise in the most commonly-used models, and we have designed this training to reduce debugging, speed up your time to market and get you results sooner. We have partnered up with Geeky Bee AI to bring you the State-of-the-Art in AI.

Section 1 orientates you on how to achieve the best course experience. Sections 2 and 3 delve into the most popular AI-CV models such as YOLO v3 (Object Detection) and Mask RCNN (Instance Segmentation). They both follow the same 5-step workflow that you will learn about in this course.

Here are some of the cool Python Apps that you will be building in Section 4 on Pose Estimation using OpenPose:

Section 5 is one of the most exciting in which we'll combine the knowledge learnt in previous sections and port our AI-CV apps to Android using TensorFlow-Lite. This section is still in development and will be completed in early 2020. Once completed this course will contain over 50+ value packed tutorials!


Bonus 1 - Bonus AI Lectures

Bonus 2 - Accelerate Deep Learning on a Raspberry Pi Course [FREE]

Get FREE access to the course that will show you how to accelerate your AI Object Detection models 5X faster on a Raspberry Pi 3, using Intel Movidius for Deep Learning.

Bonus 3 - Build your own E.D.I.T.H. Glasses AI from Spiderman (Far From Home)

Project E.D.I.T.H. shows you how to prototype the AI that Tony Stark handed down to Peter Parker. Put your self in the shoes of a superhero as we prototype Stark-Tech.

Bonus 4 - Private Community Mentorship

Instant access to the private Facebook group of other course creators to receive professional and peer mentoring.

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Upon completing 100% of this course, you will be emailed a certificate of completion. You can show it as proof of your expertise and that you have completed a certain number of hours of instruction.

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Instant access to ALL the content FOR LIFE! And the content just keeps coming as Ritesh and Geeky Bee AI are constantly learning and sharing!

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The course comes with an unconditional, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I've done for thousands of my other students.

Even if you don’t love this course and you’re on the 29th day, 23rd hour, 59th minute, and 59th second… I’ll give you your money back.

Let me help you get fast results. Enroll now, by clicking the button and let us show you how to Develop AI-CV Apps using in Python and Android.

***Important Notes***

  • This is a practical-focused course. While we do provide an overview of AI-CV theory, we focus mostly on helping you getting AI in Computer Vision working step-by-step.
  • Course Price will increase on the first of July 2020 to $499 due to updated content. - Enroll in this training before the price increase!
  • You will require a PC/Laptop with adequate specifications and an Nvidia GPU that supports CUDA - This will not work on any other GPU - See free lecture called requirements for more details.

Your Instructor

Ritesh Kanjee
Ritesh Kanjee

I am the founder of Augmented Startups and I also hold a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering. With over 70'000+ students on Augmented AI Bootcamp, and over 97'000 subscribers on YouTube, I teach the latest topics on Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality I will act as your mentor through helping you build or grow your expertise, we look forward to having you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this course different?

➤ No course shows you how to build Augmented Reality Apps in Vuforia 8 in Unity 2020 - This course is updated and relevant.

➤ No course shows you how to use full spectrum of Vuforias tools, giving you an arsenal of specific skillset to position yourself as a trusted developer & not just a hired-gun freelancer or adequate employee.

➤ … And I mean let’s be real… The best reason is that this course is taught by me <3.

Will I have lifetime access to this course?
➤ YES! It’s yours forever!
I’m a beginner, is this course for me?

➤ You’ll struggle but if you work hard, the payoff will be so worth it.

➤… And if you need help, I will be there to help you along the way.

What happens once I buy this course?

➤ You’ll get an email from me in which I will give you access to the course.

➤ You’ll have LIFETIME access to it.

This course is WRONG for you if…

➤ You are looking to be spoon fed (you ONLY do what’s covered in a course).

➤ You’re unemployed (unless you have lots of money saved up where you can comfortably join the course. You’re NOT gonna get far if you’re under pressure).

➤ You’re in debt (join the course later once you’re out of it).

➤ You want to put the minimum amount of work to get the maximum results

This course IS RIGHT for you IF…

➤ You understand that this requires hard work and patience to get the right skills. You understand that you’re going to get any results overnight.

➤ You are committed. This course is about developing core skills that will stay with you a lifetime and will be the foundation for your success for YEARS to come.

➤ You’re someone that believes in taking action. You watch the material and follow along step-by-step.

“Price is too much I can’t afford it…”

➤ Hiring a mentor who charges you $50 an hour. Getting 3 hours of training from them per week would cost you about $600 a month. Its also very challenging to find an AR mentor who will be willing to assist.

➤ This course will save you a lot in time from figuring it out by yourself. Time is money and is especially valuable since we have a limited time on this planet. Do you want to waste it wreaking your brains debugging and figuring this out by yourself?

➤ What would this course be worth to you if it got you even one client? Or what would be your return if you landed a job as an AR developer?

➤ 70% of my material is free… But I charge a premium price for the very best stuff.

➤ Lastly, this course is so good you can’t afford to NOT have it.

"What if I'm too old...?"
➤ Anyone old and young can take this course. All ages above 12 are welcome :)

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