Lecture 2: How to take this course.

How to Take this Course

Hey guys so the course is practical guide to Mask R-CNN, execution, training and workflow.

You will find all the resources that you need on our Github Repo:


If you need any help with anything, I mean anything at all, please feel free to contact us via the discussion area of this course. If you feel this course is lacking in any area or if you want to request a feature to this course, you can contact us either directly or via the discussion. We will try our best to accommodate your requests to make this course to meet your expectations.

Remember that we are a collaborative community, where we help each other in achieving our goals, together. You are also welcome to contribute to the course, so that other students may benefit from this training. This way, we will keep ahead of the trend together.

Okay so, lets get started! Hope you're excited...

See you in the next lecture ;)

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